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Nanosys is a nanotechnology company located in Milpitas, California and founded in 2001. The company develops and manufactures quantum dot materials for display products.


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Current Employee - Manufacturing Technician says

"Low pay (unsustainable income for living in the Bay Area) Unreasonable work hours (6am-2:30 or 1-9:30pm, which you are expected to switch between at whim) Contractors are treated as expendable labor and company culture enforces perm-contractor segregation via exclusion from social events, general unfriendliness, etc. Same-day termination without warning is commonplace A floor supervisor That promotes gossip, cliques, and a toxic work environment that pits contractors against one another in a futile attempt to move up the ladder Some trainers deliberately keep you from learning or relegate you to menial tasks due to aforementioned competition Company seeks out highly educated college grads for this role (many are chemical engineers) while severely under-utilizing their skills and teaching them nothing of value. If you are an engineer, don't be misled -- there is no future for you here In short, if you are a contractor, prepare to be treated as a second-class citizen"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Countless. As a chemical manufacturer technician, you are treated as disposable labor. No training, extremely low pay and you're working with hazardous materials. The end of this is that a the slight indication of slow business, they'll lay you off. I've seen many people here who've put in the long hours, worked, and have gotten below average benefits and still been laid off. No worker appreciation. Management will NOT have your back; your success/failure depends on ONE single person and that is your trainer. I would avoid this company at all cost; no 401k and sub-par salary compared to Silicon Valley Standards."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Awful management, awful production schedule"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Many. The pay for contractors is extremely low. They do this because they know they try to hire students or unemployed people who are willing to work low just to have a job. I was a student when I worked there as a chemical manufacturer technician. I can say that the management is incompetent. They shift their priorities, run around acting busy and one of the senior managers comes to work with high heels, makeup and a scarf as if she is in a fashion show. The HR is useless and my direct manager was someone who never had the time (nor made the effort) to come sit and discuss progress on the training. Nanosys also treats their contractors with utter disrespect; many have left this place and some have been "let go" without any reason. I would avoid this company at all cost."


"Management is only concerned if work quotas are met. They do not bother to find out what is happening in the Manufacturing area."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Lack of trust between and within employees; upper management. If the first philosophy everyone tells you is: "Watch your back, do not trust no one.." then you have a failed team culture. This company is very self-serving, largely ignores long-term benefits, and fails to recognize true talent and potential. To move up is to "suck up..." Many people with talent and potential have left the company as a result. Ex-employees have obtained better positions in R&D, engineering, quality, or other fields."

Former Contractor - Lab Tech says

"Ridiculous management: laid off then hire. I recommend to work as a short term but long term is not a good idea."

Current Contractor - Production Chemist says

"Unrealistic deadlines/business plans, bad management, and high turnover rate. Temps are not treated well, and a long wait to becoming a permanent employee. Good people are lost due to these practices and there is little hope for improvement."

Former Contractor - Manufacturing Associate says

"Very competitive to become a full time regular employee as a contractor. It depends on a lot of factors to be converted (business, budget, processes, and etc)"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company do not provide great compensation; And there are lots of competition from other companies. More and more companies joined into this field. It is harder to keep the technology advantage."

Chemical Manufacturer Technician (Current Employee) says

"One of the worst companies I've had the unfortunate opportunity to work for. They pay contractors in the low 20s and expect them to be in charge of running production, restocking chemical batches, maintain chemical inventory, run IR samples, maintain fume hood operation, disposal of hazardous waste. This is the only company where it doesn't matter if you're coming in with a MS degree and 2-3 years of experience, to get permanent they'll tell you to come the contractor route and then maybe you'll be converted full time. The manufacturing management is worthless who have no input whatsoever on the success of contractors. Do not join this company as a contractor; you're seen as "dispensable labor" and many contractors are treated with disrespect and have ultimately been "let go" for no apparent reason other than that the trainer thinks you're not enthusiastic about the job.Management, low pay, no benefits, disrespect of contractors"

R&D Process Technician (Former Employee) says

"The company has three big groups: medical group, battery group, and chemical group. I joint the company in medical group. The group manufactured medical supplies for medical use. I joined battery group when medical supplies were license to some other companies. Battery group was manufactured silicon nano wire for Lithium Ion battery. I operated CVD furnace. I did colloid synthesis. I moved to chemical group when the battery group was sold to an individual. I started to have problem with my health after about four months working with chemicals that were used to manufacture Quantum Dot. The working environment is unsafe; and I have to resign from the job. Great Technology and great teams.Need a better manager for the chemical group."

Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The type of work changed from research and development device design to industrial piping, not my area of interest. i wanted to get back to machine designfree lunchesType of work changed"

Scientist Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Nanosys more than a year as a Scientist. Cutting-edge technologies, interesting projects, smart scientists and engineers with a lot of good ideas. Work climate can be toxic.Cutting-edge technologies, interesting projects, smart people with a lot of good ideas.Poor management, not honest, temps are not treated well"

Director of Engineering (Former Employee) says

"This company is working to find a market for its product and struggling to develop new products. There is opportunity to succeed and the technology is interesting. The company provides lunches two times per week.Committed to R&D, free lunch twice per weekA lot of ups and downs, layoffs" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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